Announcements is up!

Hi, my name is Craig.

Lose yourself in the thoughts of yet another 20-something software developer!  I say that with some self-degradation because I thought I had a good gimmick with the “” namesake.  My friend James whipped me up an awesome logo, I registered with GoDaddy, set up a WordPress site and thought I was in business.  I guess I am, but my “unique” idea contains the following:

  • Short Domain Name.
  • Animal Mascot.
  • Pun.
  • Semi Mexican/Latino Vibe.

It just goes to show you when you think of something awesome somebody else did it first.  I give you: LosTechies, It even has the word Tech in it!  AND THEIR MASCOT IS WEARING GLASSES.Gila-MonsterLogo


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