Currently Maintained is a solr search engine that indexes the daily police bulletins for Juneau, AK.  It has all the functionality of solr and cool features like fuzzy text matching.  I had originally envisioned a web/mobile combo with the capability of location based alerts (geocoding addresses), but gave up because of the following:

  • Lack of timely publishes (bulletins don’t get published at a consistent time.
  • Cases published in the bulletin follow very loose conventions.
    • Some don’t have addresses
    • Sometimes cases are created in error and this is only indicated in the description
  • Difficulty in extracting data out of pdf form.

Still it was a fun project and is blazingly fast.  I most often use it to search street names/addresses to see what’s been happening there recently.  The proof of concept android app is here:

Alpha Version of Juneau Police Bulletins