My first Pluralsight attempt

My job has ebbs and flows so during one of those ebbs I decided to check out some extra work via Pluralsight authorship. It’s been more than a year since I first contacted them and I still have yet to submit my final audition video. I’ve had a few 200+ hour months in the last year so I forgive myself for not making quicker progress. However, between the time of my first submission and review, a whole bunch of content was added to Pluralsight which conflicted with my topic. In addition, there were some audio difficulties I had. Even the Pluralsight author’s site has changed (for the better). Some of the original advice (setup a dedicated VM just for Pluralsight) has been replaced with more straightforward requirements.

However, for those looking to see the content I originally submitted. Here it is! I did not choose this for my final submission. However, people may benefit from seeing this attempt and it gives me a benchmark to see where I’ve been.

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