Motion Tracking Trap Shooting

As with all new activities I engage in I go through the following stages.

  1. Initial Excitement.
    • Trap Shooting is the best!!
  2. Recursive Excitement.
    • I’m going to be the best at this and everyone will bow before my might!
  3. Energy High and “I should write an app for this!”
    • I bet I could score a round of trap with computer vision!
  4. Sleepless nights.
    • Coding, coding, coding. Learning, learning learning.
  5. Exhaustion, A Full Cycle of Grief.
    • I hate these licensing requirements! This won’t be cross platform!!!  I don’t know fast Fourier transforms!!!  I’m too stupid!!!!
  6. Write a blog post.
    • See Below

I used the aForge library to do the image processing and the FFMPEG to stitch it all back together.  Blue bounding boxes for the areas set to detect motion.  Green to track that silly little birdie.  Will post code SOON!

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