Visual Studio 2017 (Initial Thoughts)

Initial Thoughts My first thought was- why is it so small- after logging into and loading up the download/update manager I was surprised that “all” of visual studio would have an install size of 600MB.  What!?!?!  No Way.  The install went off without a hitch until I tried to open up one of my solutions.  It was nothing fancy- just a console application, but here is where MS dropped the bomb- it doesn’t come with .NET development out of the box… but I guess that’s my bias being a .NET developer.  I had to “install missing features” which included .NET development (2GB is more like it!!!).  I don’t know how big the install files were- but it was quite speedy even on my slower than a lumbering polar bear of an internet connection.  And of course we get the standard restart required after this install. Opened up my solution…


The Terrible Support for MSDN Migrations

Update (Final) – 2/26/17 I was able to get this resolved… by waiting.  In the below e-mail my alias keeps showing up and/or I wouldn’t be able to access my subscription.  My guess is that Microsoft employs some kind of caching in their identity management and it takes awhile for it to be cleared/updates to be propagated.  Here were my options if the issue hadn’t spontaneously resolved (excerpt): Change the e-mail on your subscription to an entirely different e-mail, preferably a brand new Microsoft Account with no aliases (the latter being the fastest solution). Escalate this with Microsoft Account Support if you do not want to use another e-mail and believe this is not an alias issue. Translation:  We can’t fix our poor account integration and the only solution we have is to create more accounts for you.  What a bunch of yahoos.  Oh and I did the chat support…

MSDN not a valid key

Surviving a legacy code project

Oftentimes when I do consulting I am called in to fix someone else’s mess.  Some refer to legacy code meaning code that’s  deprecated, or code in an “old” technology stack.  Some refer to legacy code as code that lacks unit tests.  Most likely you’re going to get both… at once… and at first you’ll feel like this…   However, after the grieving process you can do one of two things. Quit your job/contract/project. March forward in maniacal madness. Now I’m being facetious when I compare work on a legacy software project to personal grief, but it’s undeniable that it can affect your perceived your value.  My personality drives me to make applications work- to become better.  Yet we are sometimes put in situations where we don’t have the tools, budget, or environment to make something better.  Here is how I describe the process. While I can’t offer you anything more than my personal…


Motion Tracking Trap Shooting

As with all new activities I engage in I go through the following stages. Initial Excitement. Trap Shooting is the best!! Recursive Excitement. I’m going to be the best at this and everyone will bow before my might! Energy High and “I should write an app for this!” I bet I could score a round of trap with computer vision! Sleepless nights. Coding, coding, coding. Learning, learning learning. Exhaustion, A Full Cycle of Grief. I hate these licensing requirements! This won’t be cross platform!!!  I don’t know fast Fourier transforms!!!  I’m too stupid!!!! Write a blog post. See Below I used the aForge library to do the image processing and the FFMPEG to stitch it all back together.  Blue bounding boxes for the areas set to detect motion.  Green to track that silly little birdie.  Will post code SOON!